A helping ‘box’

Rotaractors with a ‘Bhalai nu Box’.

The Rotaractors of RAC Junagadh, RID 3060, have put up boxes in strategic places such as malls, shopping complexes, theatres and restaurants frequented by people. The public is encouraged to drop a variety of articles they no longer use, but are in good condition.

“We call these collection boxes, Bhalai nu box. All of us have those clothes, footwear, toys etc, the fascination for which would have dulled, although they are in good shape. Instead of letting them idle and occupy space and gather dust in our cupboards, why don’t we give them to somebody to whom they can mean a lot? When we brainstormed on these lines, we came up with this idea six months ago,” says Club President Kikani Jeel.

Every week the Rotaractors visit these joints and collect the assembled items, sort them out and take them to orphanages, old-age homes and hospitals to distribute them to the needy. “It is a great idea as the response has been good so far. We even find shoes, uniforms, stationary material and these will be of immense help to schoolchildren who do not have the means to buy new stuff.”

Blankets, woollen clothes, health drinks and fruits are few other items that get collected in these boxes. “It is heartening to see that not every item is a used item. There are people who donate new stuff too,” adds Jeel.

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