Back to our roots

Rotaractors with the performers and children.

This Krishna Janmashtami, the Rotaractors of RAC Uyirmei, D 3202, celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna with a variety of traditional entertainment programmes, bringing back the cultures of yore. They had organised games such as uriyadi, where the participants pile on each other until they hit a pot containing a gift. This represents the folklore of Krishna who is supposed to have climbed on his ­playmates’ shoulders to take the curd from a pot hung from a ceiling. Silambattam is another game that showcased a player’s prowess in playing with his silambu (a bamboo pole).

They regaled the young children with the ancient dance forms such as mayilattam (peacock dance), ­devarattam and kummi-kolattam dandiya).A dance drama depicting the life of Lord Krishna and his preachings from the Bhagwad Gita added value for the children.

“In this age of modern dancing and rock shows, this programme was a big hit with the children as they got a glimpse of our culture and tradition,” says Nitya, the club president. It also earned the appreciations of the parents and other elders for “according to them we have done a meaningful programme on a special day.”

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