RAC Mumbai Royales works for children/women’s welfare


The Rotaractors of RAC Mumbai Royales, RID 3141, through Project ­Prerana, organised books and clothes drive for a fortnight. “We set up donation centres in six strategic spots from Khar to Bhayander on the western line, and Vashi to Nerul, and our members actively volunteered in collecting and sorting the donated items,” says club president Manavika Agarwal. The collected material were given to the Chaiim Foundation, an NGO rehabilitating survivors of human trafficking.

Hygiene kits were distributed to the 24 girls housed at the Foundation with help from the SFC Foundation, another NGO. The Rotaractors visited the Chaiim Foundation and interacted with the girls there. They provided groceries to last a month to the Foundation.

The club members observed World Day against Trafficking in Persons (July 30) on various social media platforms to create awareness about the grave issue among the public.

Through Project Swasthya, the club organised a hepatitis awareness programme for the tribal population of Navapada village in Nandurbar district near Mumbai. “The remote village does not feature in the government schedule for vaccinations and the people are mostly illiterate, says ­Manavika. The Rotaractors visited the village along with Dr Reshma ­Chourasia, a general physician who gave a lecture on ­Hepatitis and its symptoms to the villagers and ways to prevent it. Dr Reshma screened the children for hand, foot and mouth disease.

The club members engaged the tribal children with several games and fun activities, and gifted them story books.

In a recent initiative the club organised a seminar on financial literacy to educate the destitute women at a women’s shelter. “We highlighted to them the various points of the PM’s Jan Dhan Yojana and other financial services such as bank accounts, remittances, credit, insurance and pensions.

A wealth management seminar organised by the club for its members was well received and beneficial to them.

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