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RID 3053 led by DRR Surender Joshi organised a virtual RYLA in August. The two-day programme had a participation of 300 youngsters. This is probably the district’s first E-RYLA, says Joshi, adding that “with the Covid pandemic looming large, we have to adapt ourselves in an innovative manner, and still continue our activities that can transform the world for the better. We owe it to our community.”

A mega tree plantation drive.
A mega tree plantation drive.

The RYLA was conducted in the presence of DG Harish Gaur, DGE Sanjay Malviya, DGN Rajesh Chura and DRCC Manish Taparia. PDG Arun Gupta and PDRR Mukesh Pratap Singh shed light on Rotary and Rotaract and how the organisation helps in transforming a person. Gupta, addressing the general participants, described the various avenues that Rotaract offers for personal growth.

With the Covid pandemic looming large, we have to adapt ourselves in an innovative manner, and still continue our activities that can transform the world for the better.

The events comprised both speaker and activity sessions. Rotarians Bhupendra Singh Rathore and Khushal Sharma spoke on motivation and entrepreneurship while Priyesh Bhandari, a past governor and a former DRR, motivated the participants with his talk on ‘Dare to Dream’. Digital innovation and developing rapport between NGOs and corporate companies were some of the other topics discussed.

The virtual ‘seven days seven events’.
The virtual ‘seven days seven events’.

The participants were trained in leadership and marketing. Offline tasks included feeding animals and creating and marketing an energy drink.

Cash prizes were sent to the title winners. The event was anchored by District Rotaract secretary Vinay Harsh and ZRR Sonal Jaiswal.

RAC Prestige Gwalior, RID 3053, conducted ‘Seven days seven events’, a programme that encouraged the club members to implement seven activities in a week ranging from spreading awareness on cancer through posters, poetry writing, feeding street dogs to blogging on World Tourism Day (Sept 27). Rotaractors shared photographs online of their visits to heritage sites and participation in cultural events. The seven-day schedule wrapped up with Dhadkan, a wellness promotion programme where the members were encouraged to upload pictures of their fitness activites such as yoga, jogging and aerobics.


“There was hectic interaction among the members on all seven days with each one of them trying to outdo the other,” says club president Shailja Singh. Some activities such as poetry writing and poster-making had the involvement of family members too, she adds.

RAC Alwar Hope began the new Rotaract year with its support for the newly added area of focus — supporting the environment. The club members organised a ‘Green yatra’ by planting saplings across Alwar and protecting them with tree guards. Their greening campaign included placing banners and posters in prominent places with messages on deforestation, global warming and ozone depletion, and urging the public to plant trees and take care of them. “We plan to dedicate at least one day every month for mother earth and focus on some greening activities that day,” says Yash Sharma, the club president.

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