A fun weekend at D 3291 Rotaract Discon

A heady mix of live music, dance, drama and business workshops made Panache, the annual Rotaract Conference of D 3291, a big hit among the 350 Rotaractors and other Rotarians who attended the event. This was the 46th year of the conference, held over a weekend in ­Kolkata. The programme showcased the talent of the Rotaractors and gave them an opportunity to network with young professionals and acquire knowledge related to their ­subject of interest. In addition to acquiring various professional skills, Rotaractors enjoyed two entertaining evenings. “This is where the youth get the spotlight. The Rotaract conference is all about young people who are also prospective Rotarians getting to showcase their skills. It is the ultimate balance of fun and learning after an entire year of hard work,” says DRR Pradip Dutta.

Diverse in every way, the conference was sprinkled with 20 events with ‘Mr and Miss Panache’ being the main highlight. The two-day gala was inaugurated by DRR Dutta and IPDRR Srijita with an opening session on business development by PDG Amitabh Mukherjee. Talking about the sessions based on business and management, Dutta says that, “When young men and women step into the work arena they are bound to face competition and demands on their capabilities. Such sessions prepare them to cope with all situations with confidence and courage.”

Mainak Sarkar from RAC ­Calcutta Metropolitan, who won the ‘Mr Panache’ title says this was a complete new experience. “Scenes before and after the Rotaract conference were so different. I know so many more Rotaractors now and although I have been a part of Rotaract only for a year it has become my second family.” Introduced into Rotaract by a friend, he has become interested in the club activities and “I hope to be able to assist my club in setting up a library for children at a Sundarbans school.” Urvashi ­Mukherjee was crowned the ‘Miss Panache’.

The fashion show was a big hit. While some participating clubs chose to walk the ramp as characters from the gothic age and television series, some portrayed the cultures of India. “That was my favourite part of the conference,” says Sarkar, but only after the “Rotaract Quiz that helped me understand the hierarchy of Rotaract better,” he adds. No-flame cooking, a mime show, street plays, facial painting and creative writing competitions were among the many events that were organised.

Dutta thanks his team “for the full support they gave for planning, promoting and executing this memorable day. On a personal level it has helped me realise how much I can contribute as an individual.” Thanking DG Brojo Gopal Kundu and DRCC Ashif Shah, for their support, Dutta adds, “When we are acknowledged and praised by our Rotarians for our accomplishments as Rotaractors it feels great and we are inspired to do more.”

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