A Model UN session in Mumbai

The seventh session of D 3141’s Rotaract Model United Nations, held in Mumbai, saw participation from 100 student delegates, and the meet addressed some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Founded in 2013 by Rotaract Club Baia Mare, the Rotaract MUN gives young people a chance to have their voices heard. “For the last seven years, D 3141’s RMUN has attracted some of the most promising young leaders from in and around Mumbai, and this year was no exception. We had over 100 participants,” says Hansika Shahani, DRR, D 3141.

DG Shashi Sharma, Shilpi Mehra, DRR Hansika Shahani (second from R) and DGN Sunnil Mehra (R) with the winner of the RMUN.

Rotaractors and other participants stepped into the role of UN delegates and international decision makers to negotiate on major international crises, and crafted innovative policy solutions. One of the main topics of debate was ‘The Resolution: Non-Proliferation/Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’.

DG Shashi Sharma, DGN Sunnil Mehra and DRR Hansika Shahani with the delegates of the Model UN session.

The RMUN Chair and PDRR Himanshu Kapadia explains why the international nature and standard of the conference matters. “Delegates learn a lot from reading our meticulously researched background guides. From discussions, we have to research and plan and put our material in place carefully. The educational value of this conference comes from meeting the other young leaders from different backgrounds. We record each year’s learning in order to make the next edition better.”

An annual project of RC Bombay Pier, this RMUN witnessed 35 teams representing 35 different countries and debating in a healthy manner to “find sustainable solutions,” says Kapadia. Delegates were dressed in the traditional attire of the countries they represented, adding colour to the event. The closing ceremony was attended by DG Shashi Sharma and DGN Sunnil Mehra.

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