As a Rotaractor, while giving, you will also receive

In this issue, we share with you the incredible experiences of 12 young people from six countries who participated in Rotary’s youth exchange programme. These students were hosted by Rotarians in Pune and taken on a journey to Assam and Meghalaya to explore the natural beauty, culture and diversity of the Northeast. Since 1929, Rotary has been sending youth around the world to experience new regions and cultures and gain unique exposure to become well-rounded global citizens. These students from Spain, Germany, Japan, Italy, France and Brazil were thrilled to get a rich experience of the customs and lifestyles of the regions they visited while enjoying the hospitality of their host Rotarian families.

If you have a passion for travel and meeting people from different backgrounds, this programme is a life-changing opportunity for you.

Another inspiring story in this issue is about RID 3212’s flagship project, Yadhumanaval, targeted at improving the self-esteem and self-confidence of students through special ‘listening sessions’ addressed by expert speakers. The project highlights the challenges many teenage girls in our communities face with low self-esteem and inferiority complex. These sessions give them the confidence to speak up about their problems and find solutions. You, dear Rotaractors, can learn from this project and develop your own similar initiative to empower the youth around you. Because emotional wellbeing is as important as physical fitness to succeed in life. In the bargain, you will be surprised at the amount of leadership and organisational skills that such a programme will give you in return.

We also highlight the Rotaract Club of Medicrew, a 3,000-member-strong e-club that comprises medical students and professionals from India and other countries. While all their service projects are focused on healthcare for communities, in line with their vocations, the professional development for the members is achieved through the vast number of technical courses held in collaboration with experts in the field.

Rotaract is not only about giving to the community and those less fortunate than you. Belonging to Rotaract, and through it to the larger Rotary family, opens so many doors to you, bringing you an amazing number of opportunities. In addition, the community service projects that you will take up along with your fellow Rotaractors will give you back so much. While you give your passion, energy and dedication to the beneficiaries, what you will receive from them, gratitude and smiles of course, but also a deep insight into how people in different strata of society live and think, will deepen your understanding. When combined with the experienced mindset of Rotarians, you have a powerful force that can elevate the world to new heights.


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