Celebrating Rotaract

The Rotaractors of D 3141 came together to ring in the new Rotaract year with an enthusiastic participation for a noble cause.

Fifty-five Rotaract and 60 Rotary clubs of D 3141 together organised a mega blood donation drive, Jeevan Daan, across Mumbai. The initiative collected over 2,156 units of blood which will help to save several lives. “What better way could we have started our year? Each year we start off with this brilliant initiative to mark our stance in helping the society, striving to achieve a better year,” says DRR Om Chawla.

Rotaractors with DG Prafull Sharma.

Several footfalls marked the blood donation camps set up at 31 different locations.

“We came across many first-time donors who felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction as they realised how 15 minutes of their time and 350 ml of blood from their body can save a life,” says Jalpa Oza, the District Secretary.

A Rotaractor donates blood at the camp.

Nukkad Stars

Yet another activity that excited the Rotaractors was Nukkad Stars, a street play contest for Interactors. The two-day event was a joint initiative of Rotary and Rotaract and it forged a mighty bond between the Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors.

“It was a perfect platform for Interactors to come forward and showcase their flair in street plays while having us get goose bumps on the social causes that they portrayed,” says Oza, highlighting the performance by the deaf and mute students of Mulund Rotary School as “just phenomenal”.

A Nukkad Natak being performed.

District Governor Prafull Sharma motivated the Interactors, sharing his thoughts over street play as a concept and the potential it carries.

Thirty teams participated for an audience of 300 people.

The winners were awarded certificates and an opportunity to compete at the District 3141’s big festival, the RED — Rotary Rotaract Entertainment Destination, held in December.

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