D 3262 Rotaractors take up the 100 library challenge

In the true spirit of ensuring that ­youngsters get an ­all-round education, and instilling the ­reading habit in the younger ­generation to get ­knowledge beyond their syllabus, DRR ­Smrutiranjan Biswal has called upon ­Rotaractors from various clubs of District 3262 to set up 100 libraries in schools attended by under­privileged children.

Well on its way to achieving this ambitious target this Rotary year, with good response from Rotaract clubs, 47 ­libraries have already been installed by ­November-end.

IPDRR and mentor of the Library Project Puspendu Jena said, “We thought that by setting up well-equipped libraries in schools, we can serve three ­generations of the student community to get extra knowledge, apart from the syllabus.” All clubs have been working hard to generate funds for this cause from ­non-Rotary contacts right from the very first day, he said.

When the young put their mind to doing something with focus, the speed they can generate with their youthful energy is evident in this project. The newly formed Rotaract Club of Byasabhoomi raised `30,000 from an event Daan Utsav and within a record time of three days, the club had ­completed the installation of 10 libraries in Jajpur, a creditable milestone.

“The response from schools and ­students is encouraging us to do this project wth great ­enthusiasm,” said ­Harishankar Jena, ­President of Rotaract Club of Jaleswar, which had successfully installed 10 libraries by Oct 15. The momentum of the project is such that the Rotaractors had resolved to complete the project within half a year, by installing the remaining 53 libraries by December-end.

“In adult literacy our clubs are running six study centres in slums to teach both the adults as well as children. We are not only ­teaching ­children, but also ­following up on them to ensure that they attend school regularly,” added Biswal.

He added that the energetic and ­enthusiastic response “we are getting from so many ­Rotaractors for this project is beyond our expectations. I thank all the Rotaractors, Rotarians, Inner Wheel members and others in the community for ­supporting this iconic project of ours.”

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