Distributing clothes to the poor

The Rotaractors of District 3132 reached out to nearly 1,000 poor people in Jalna with clothes. The project is a continuation of last year’s initiative when the members of RAC Achievers went on a dress collection drive in their own locality. “Last year they were able to provide dresses for 50–60 people only. This year more clubs pitched in and together we were able to collect 7,000 dresses comprising shirts, pants, saris, blouses, salwars etc,” says DRR Kshitij Choudhari. The collection drive lasted for 10–12 days with the Rotaractors visiting their neighbours and relatives.

People awaiting their turn to receive dresses being distributed by RAC Achievers.

The collected clothes were assembled at the Agarsain Bhavan. Tokens were given out in slum colonies across the city on a scheduled day for people to come and collect what they needed. “When we visited the colonies, we realised that the demand was huge. We had to restrict it to two clothes in exchange for one token.”

Rotaractors from few other clubs volunteered in the distribution, along with the corporators and police personnel. “Our activity inspired the police too; they brought in some clothes for giving to the needy,” says Choudhari.

D 3132 Rotaractors after winning the cricket tournament in Hyderabad.

Cricket Champion

The District Rotaractors won the cricket tournament hosted by Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills, D 3150, in Hyderabad. Rotaract clubs from eight districts participated in the sport.

Motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das being felicitated by Rotaractors of RAC Jalna Central.

In another event RAC Jalna Central organised a talk on the topic ‘Secret to Success’ by motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das, which saw a huge audience. “It was a successful event and put Rotaract on the limelight among the public,” says the DRR.

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