District Assembly inspires RID 3240 Rotaractors


The Rotaractors of RI District 3240 celebrated the district’s 32nd conference and district assembly with a series of events under the title ‘Uttoron’ (uplifting). Over 130 delegates attended the two-day programme hosted by RAC Silchar with guidance and support from its parent Rotary, RC Silchar. DRRE Sandeep Das, a dual member, along with district co-trainer-elect Rtn Rajib Ratan Sarkar and Rtr/Rtn Dr Montu Paul, designed various sessions to train the incoming club and district leaders to take on the reins of their clubs efficiently.


IPS Ramandeep Kaur, Superintendent Cachar Police, and ­Additional SP Subrata Sen were the chief guests. Oncologist Dr Ravi ­Kannan, Rotarians Dr Moloy Roy and Ramanauj Gupta also provided valuable inputs on matters such as membership growth, retention, fundraising, assessing community needs and implementing service projects.

A training session in progress.
A training session in progress.

DRRE Das unveiled the theme for his year: Encourage, Explore, Establish. He urged his team to encourage more youngsters to join Rotaract and make it stronger with quality members “who join to stay. Only when you engage members with interesting projects and personal development programmes you can sustain their interest in Rotaract. Members will leave if they don’t find anything useful or interesting for them,” he said. He urged the incoming leaders to explore new possibilities and projects to serve communities better and establish long-lasting relationships both with the members and with communities they serve.


The evenings peppered with various cultural programmes and ­entertainment events helped the district Rotaractors to bond in an informal setting.

DRR Rajarshi Sinha said that the conference and the district assembly were well-planned, much in advance. “After 2019, this is the first in-person mega event we have hosted and all the Rotaractors zealously participated in planning it,” he said. The events enjoyed wide coverage in the media, and “this will definitely make Rotaract more visible among the youngsters,” he said. He is confident of adding new members once the Covid wave subsides and educational institutions start functioning. “As such this year, all the Rotaract clubs have been doing meaningful community projects which has piqued public interest.”

RAC Bolpur-Shantiniketan won the bid to host the next year’s district assembly.

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