Eye camp in Aurangabad

RAC Achievers, RID 3132, in association with AGS Eye ­Hospital, Aurangabad, ­organised a free eye check-up camp at the hospital. The Rotaract club wanted to help people from different walks of life and create awareness on eyecare in the city. “The overall objective of the project was to reduce the burden of avoidable ­blindness among local ­villagers and ­seamlessly carry out a ­partnership project,” says Pratik Deshmukh, the club secretary.

Rotaractors at AGS Eye Hospital, Aurangabad.
Rotaractors at AGS Eye Hospital, Aurangabad.

Dr Mahesh Patak led his team of optometrists from the hospital to examine over 250 patients. Around 100 patients were referred for eye surgery.

The Rotaractors helped the beneficiaries with ­registration, screening and collecting ­medicines. They also accompanied patients who were ­referred for surgery to a waiting room where “we spoke to them and helped them understand the surgical process and further accompanied them to a second screening,” says Deshmukh.

Post-screening, the ­prescriptions for eyeglasses were collected by the ­Rotaractors who helped all the patients to collect their medicines.


Dev, a 39-year-old IT employee from Aurangabad, says, “The doctors at the camp examined my eyes with care and recommended eyeglasses for better vision. I am very grateful to the Rotaractors for organising this camp.

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