Hamburg Convention celebrates youth leadership

On the birth anniversary of the Father of Indian Constitution, Dr B R Ambedkar, Rotaract District 3141 organised a simulation of the Indian Parliament dubbed Model Indian Parliamentary Session on April 14, 2019. The event was co-hosted by the Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership at the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISME).

The main aim was to create an awareness on the functioning of the Indian Parliament and to highlight its importance in our democratic polity. It also created an awareness regarding the role of youth in the process of nation-building and democracy.

After registration came an informal lobbying from members of different groups divided into political parties, namely, the Rightist, the Left wing, the Centrist, the Backward Class and the Independents. The Speaker of the House was Devendra Pai, a professor and course director at the Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership. The event was judged by Rtns Rupen Doshi and Ashish Chavan.

The House session commenced with the presentation of the bill “The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019” by the ruling party followed by a series of questions and answers and heated debates and arguments. After a second informal lobbying, the bill was passed by a good majority.

This was followed by Question Hour where a few questions were asked by the opposition MPs to the government. The last session witnessed presentation of a resolution for declaring a particular country a terrorist state which was proposed by the Home Minister followed by arguments and counter-arguments. At the end, the ruling party withdrew the resolution from the table of the House.

The session ended with felicitation of the host clubs, HoDs from the ISME, judges, guests and winners of the event. DG Shashikumar Sharma, and DGN Sunil Mehra were present on the occasion along with a few senior Rotarians and district officials.

Rasheeda Bhagat

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