Healthcare for communities

Over 10,000 people in and around Prayagraj are happy to have received medical aid, and their ailments are being addressed, thanks to this dedicated group of 28 Rotaractors of RAC Motilal Nehru Medical College, RID 3120. Forty medical camps were organised on a single day, 34 of which were held in the suburbs of the city. Another medical camp organised at the Naini Central Jail addressed the illnesses of 1,000 inmates. These Rotaractors are medical students and the club was sponsored by RC Allahabad Elite in 2018.

A patient being examined at the medical camp.
A patient being examined at the medical camp.

“We formed a team with 76 doctors from various hospitals and clinics for the camps. They brought with them medicines and vitamin supplements which were distributed to the needy,” says Club President Suryabhan Kushwaha. He is an intern aiming to practise neuro surgery.

A busy registration counter at one of the medical camps.
A busy registration counter at one of the medical camps.

The Rotaractors also pursue other activities that include a visit to an old-age home where besides entertaining the 15 elderly people residing there, they provided medical help and vitamin supplements for them. They lent a hand for the flood victims in the town and distributed food and preventive medicines. They conduct regular blood donation camps and awareness campaigns to safeguard the public against malaria and dengue, distribute sanitary napkins to girls in the rural surroundings and visit schools in the locality to sensitise children on the importance of handwash and hygiene.


The club has provided three television sets for a destitute home and are planning to provide bicycles and sewing machines for women attending a vocational training centre in the city.

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