Healthcare sessions in Delhi schools

The members of RAC Young Visionaries, D 3011, have taken up Shashwat, a project to educate schoolchildren across Delhi on avoidable diseases such as anaemia, diarrhoea etc. “We highlight how such diseases can be prevented through healthy lifestyle changes and ­maintaining a clean environment. Children are quick to grasp and we are hopeful they will diligently follow instructions,” said Club President Sarthak Bansal.

Rotaractors talking to students on health and hygiene.

The Rotaractors have ­presently visited four schools ­covering 500 students and ­sensitised them on the diseases, their symptoms, prevention and home remedies for cure. They also talked about some of the ­natural herbs and remedies that have curative value.

In addition, guest lectures were given and pamphlets and booklets were distributed to the students who were asked to spread this message among their family members and neighbours.


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