In Brief – April 2023


Germany encourages eco-friendly travel

The German government has approved a monthly public transport ticket for €49 (£43) that provides unlimited travel on regional trains, buses, trams and metro services. This initiative is part of efforts to promote environment-friendly travel and help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.



Japan produces a flying bike

A new flying bike, marketed as the “world’s first,” has been released in Japan, with a price tag of nearly $555,000. The vehicle, which weighs 661 pounds, is powered by two central rotors and a Kawasaki motor with 228 horsepower.



New Zealand allocates funds for ‘heartbreak’

The New Zealand government has announced a new initiative called “Love Better” aimed at helping teenagers cope with heartache after breakups. The programme, which has been allocated 6.4 million New Zealand dollars over three years, aims to help young people navigate relationship discourse and expectations.



A massive marine park in Australia

A week after dropping plans for a coal mine near the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian government announced that it will create a marine park covering an area of more than 700,000 square miles (1.8 million sqkm), the size of Germany, in the waters surrounding Antarctica.



Octogenarian sings for environmental conservation

Silvia Dan, an 80-year-old Romanian folk singer, has released her debut album titled ‘Silvia sings with Taraf de Caliu,’ which will fund habitat restoration in the Carpathian Mountains. Dan spent her life caring for livestock on her smallholding in the Carpathians, where she learned the traditional folk songs that are featured in the album.

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