In Brief – October 2022


Retailer donates big to fight climate change

Yvon Chouinard, an American retailer and founder of clothing brand Patagonia, has donated the entire $3 billion of his apparel company’s valuation to fight climate change. Recently the brand donated $10 million it has saved in corporate tax cuts to the same cause.



Cleaning the Pacific

The Ocean Clean-up, a non-profit, has removed over 100 tonnes of plastic from the Pacific Ocean using its prototype cleaning system called System 02. It used over 45 extractions to sweep an area of 3,000 sqkm.



Run for WWF

Robert Pope, a British marathoner and a Guinness Record holder for the fastest runner in the 2018 London Marathon in two hours and 36 minutes, dressed as Forrest Gump (movie character), recently ran a distance equivalent to the width of Ireland in less than 24 hours to raise funds for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).



A blood test to detect 50 types of cancer

Grail, an American biotechnology company, has developed a simple blood test called the Galleri Test to detect more than 50 types of cancer through a blood sample by looking in the DNA for cancer cells that shed into the bloodstream.



Price tag on carbon emissions

The Indian government has passed a conservation bill in the Lok Sabha making it easier to put a price on carbon emissions. While the bill encourages the use of non-fossil fuel it also includes penalties for corporations who aren’t using an adequate amount of renewable energy sources to power their operations.

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