Let us start more community-based Rotaract clubs RID C Basker


Dear Rotaractors,

It was a great pleasure to meet, interact and share ideas with DRRs at the Rotaract conclave in Delhi last month.

We can take pride in the fact that India is doing very well in the Rotaract movement and we have nearly one-third of the reported number of Rotaractors in the world. You are also involved in some great community service projects which are slowly but surely bringing in the much-needed changes in your regions.

But a major concern at the Rotary International level is that not all Rotaract clubs update their members’ list in the RI database. The South Asia office estimates that barely 60 to 70 per cent of Indian Rotaract numbers are captured in this database. So now we have to take the lead and put in much more effort in capturing our true numbers in the RI database.

I urge all Rotaract clubs to take this matter seriously.

Next, we need to strengthen weaker clubs by adding more members so that we have sufficient numbers to do meaningful work and make an impact on the communities we live in.

Another issue I would like you to focus on pertains to starting more community-based Rotaract clubs in our country. Both Rotary and Rotaract provide great opportunities to network and do meaningful service projects. If we can increase the number of community-based Rotaract clubs, it will be beneficial not only for the communities they are located in, but also your members.

Please continue to share your great work with pictures to make the Rotaract News magazine more attractive and informative.

Let us Be the Inspiration to make Rotaract in India a real youth movement.

Be the Inspiration — and together, we can and we will inspire the world.

C Basker
Director, Rotary International

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