Mega road safety campaign in MP

A massive, year-long road safety awareness campaign is being carried out by the Rotaract clubs of RID 3040 under the banner Surkashayat across various cities in Madhya Pradesh. This initiative is being done in collaboration with the state police administration; awareness on road safety rules and mobile phone usage, and proper use of helmets and seat belts were few of the topics being covered under the campaign. “We are also planning to get experts to train volunteers in administration of first aid in case of accidents,” says DRR Aman Khan Jugnu.

Under the district initiative Bagh E Rotaract, the Rotaract clubs adopt a garden in their locality and nurture it. “We aim to plant 3,040 plants this year and all the clubs are ­enthusiastically active in their efforts,” he says. Several environment care workshops are being conducted by the Rotaractors in schools, colleges and residential complexes.

Rotaractors sensitising road users at a traffic junction about road safety protocols.

Under another district project — Matritva — the Rotaract clubs organise programmes “for newborns and mother care, neonatal wellness and empowering girls.” The Rotaractors visit maternity hospitals and provide nutritional diet to the new mothers and baby kits for the infants. They educate the parents about the various vaccinations and importance of breastfeeding and hygiene.

Over 25,000 sanitary napkins have been distributed to adolescent girls and young women. The club members are organising menstrual health management seminars for girls in government schools. “At least 10,000 girls and women have benefitted from this project and it is being replicated in RIDs 3011 and 3192,” says DRS Saurabh Nayak. Over 800 girls were trained in self-defence skills under this project.


A menstrual hygiene management session in progress at a school.

Project MAA is a project to promote mental wellness. “We also aim to address mental health issues through fun and innovative techniques like art and music therapy, and other activities. Our programmes are designed to remove the taboo of psychological disorders among people,” he says.

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