Paper bags earn money for women

The Rotaractors introduced the skill of paper bag making to these women and also helped them market the eco-friendly bags. They collected old newspapers from various households and brought them to the villages, together with string, glue and the like needed to make paper bags. “We struck a deal with the local grocers around the village to switch over from polythene bags to paper bags and even sensitised them on how plastics harm the environment. The shopkeepers were too happy to oblige,” says Prakhar Singh, the Club President.hen the Rotaractors of the Rotaract Club of BIT Mesra, D 3250, convened a meeting with the women of Pancholi and Rudiya villages in Jharkhand, little did the women realise the impact the meeting would have on their financial security.

Rotaractors teach women to make paper bags.

The Rotaractors visited the villages and taught the women to make these bags and shipped the finished product to the grocers. Each bag was pegged at 50 paise. “This month, there was a demand for 2,000 bags from four shops and “we were able to earn ₹1,000.” Since it is the harvest season, not all women could devote time for the job. Five of them from four households participated and each of them earned ₹200.

Old newspapers being distributed to the villagers.
Rotaractors try their hand in making a paper bag.

“This is the first month of our operation. Now, we will look to expand in both ways. We will ask more shops to take paper bags from us, and also ensure more households to participate in this project,” says Singh.

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