Photoract, a huge success in Vadodara

Capturing human emotions in myriad forms and colours highlighting the richness and diversity of life is all that Photoract, a two-day photography contest-cum-exhibition organised by RAC Vadodara Sayajinagari, D 3060, aims at, besides raising funds for its annual projects.

The photo contest, being held for the last three years during April/May, attracts hundreds of entries from all over India with participants cutting across age groups, social divides and professional backgrounds. Last year the club received 180 entries under its two broad themes — ‘wanderlust’
and ‘emotions’, and a footfall of 2,000 for the exhibition. A five-member jury selected three winners each in both ­categories. “Our judges are drawn from top-notch universities and experts in the field of photography and they use their expertise in vetting and selecting the best exhibits,” says Rushabh Shah, Club Service Director. Instead of cash prizes, the winners are given a set of photography tools that will further help them hone their skills. The event, conceptualised by Rtr Palash Jhangid, has grown into one of the prestigious conclaves for ­shutterbugs in the ­country and in the process enhanced the visibility of Rotaractors in Vadodara, says Shah.

For the upcoming edition, the club has a target of collecting ₹80,000 and expects a footfall of 2,500-plus and about 400 entries for the contest.

The four-year-old community-based club has nearly 60 Rotaractors and “Photoract being our single fundraiser event, all our members contribute their time and effort to make it a huge success,” says the Club President Manan Gosalia.

With the use of social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, the club made the 2018 edition of the Photoract a “resounding success as we raised nearly ₹65,000 from the event.” Most of the entries were from places such as Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. For the upcoming edition, they have set a target of collecting ₹80,000 with a footfall of 2,500-plus and about 400 entries for the contest, thanks to the social media.

Visitors at the photo exhibition.

The parent club, RC Baroda ­Sayajinagari, invites the Rotaractors for their service projects and “thanks to their mentorship, we learn a lot as volunteers on how to execute such community activities,” adds Shah.

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