Reflective collars for street animals

In the streets of Yamunanagar, Haryana, on cold winter mornings in January this year, members of RAC Yamunanagar, RID 3080, extended gestures of kindness and treats to street dogs. “Equipped with reflective collars we approached the strays with care and patience. With practiced swiftness, we then secured the lightweight collars around the dogs’ necks,” says Priyanka Sharma, the project coordinator.

“This may seem risky, but in the misty cold weather, strays are susceptible to being hit by vehicles or inadvertently provoking a defensive reaction from passersby. Our aim is to ensure the safety of both the dogs and the people. By adorning strays with these reflective collars, they become more visible to motorists and pedestrians, thereby minimising the risk of accidents.,” she says.


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