RI Prez Mehta to launch Rotaract Service Day

Youth is the season of hope, enterprise and energy to a nation as well as an individual.


Dear friends,

We are in the last lap of our race. So much has transpired during the last quarter. We had the multidistrict meet — RotAsia — in Chennai conducted under the inspiring leadership of RSAMDIO president Aarti Goswami.

The seventh edition of the annual mega blood donation programme called Mahadan was conducted by Rotaractors in India and South Asia. Over 225 camps organised by Rotary and Rotaract clubs were held and 16,483 units of blood was collected. Six countries and 32 districts participated. It is a proud moment for Rotaract India and I complement Rotaractors and Rotarians for their extraordinary commitment towards the programme. I compliment the entire team led by Abhishek Goyal.

The zonal leadership training institute under the leadership of Sahil Bhateja was well organised, both online and physically, to train incoming Rotaract leaders including district secretaries. Several Rotary and Rotaract leaders addressed the sessions.

Districts and clubs participated with enthusiasm in RI President Shekhar Mehta’s challenge to increase Rotaract membership and clubs. The winners will be recognised at the meeting in Hyderabad on April 28 where President Mehta will address the Rotaractors. Shiv Kumar Eswaran, past president of Rotary Club of Chennai, is the convener of the meeting.

For the first time, Rotaract Service Day will be held on April 30 in conjunction with the Presidential Conference. Rotaractors are encouraged to participate in this programme where we will distribute sewing machines, bicycles, school desks and group handwash stations under the Girl Child Empowerment programme. President Mehta will be the chief guest.

The next Rotaract year brings a new challenge for the leaders as Rotaractors have to pay RI dues. But I do believe that the value the Rotaractors get as members of Rotaract is much more immense for the dues they pay. I am sure after the initial hiccup, Rotaract will become much stronger and will transform itself into a giant youth organisation.

Tomorrow’s Rotaractors will drive Rotary into a new orbit and, with their youthful enthusiasm coupled with determination and leadership skills, will be a force to reckon with as they Serve to Change Lives.

Ravi Vadlamani
World Rotaract Co-chair

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