Rotaractors chart out village facelift programmes

Village adoption tops the list of priorities for DRR Janani Mani, RID 3201, whose team is working on draft agreements they will be entering into with three village panchayats for taking up a range of programmes covering sanitation, healthcare and education.

DRR Janani Mani (sitting, centre) along with club presidents-elect of RID 3201.
DRR Janani Mani (sitting, centre) along with club presidents-elect of RID 3201.

Since July, after she took over the reins of district Rotaract, “we are focusing on the finer details of Project Dream Village. This name is yet to be finalised, but we are clear on two objectives, that is, ushering in sanitation facilities such as toilets and setting up primary health centres in two villages, and revamping the existing one at the third village,” explains Janani. She is confident that the adopted villages will be turned into “models of envy for others to follow suit.”

With DG Jose Chacko Madhavassery urging clubs to take up Happy Schools, the Rotaractors will form teams to give a facelift to government schools in their adopted villages. “We will hold classes, upgrade amenities and renovate school buildings, if required, at the three villages.” An online session on Covid awareness is being held regularly for students of private and government schools with experts giving useful tips and suggestions to ward off the pandemic.

All the clubs have taken up Covid relief measures such as donating ration kits, groceries and essential items to the needy families. “Rotaractors pooled in their money and are doing collective work at their respective clubs since March,” says Janani.

Rotasia 2021

The district Rotaractors won the bid in February to host Rotasia slated for April next year tentatively. “We are hopeful of a huge delegation from six countries, namely Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Pakistan. And no efforts will be spared to make it a mega success,” she explains. Out of 109 clubs registered in My Rotary, only 70 are active in this district which has 2,256 Rotaractors, all of them have updated their profile at the RI registry and got their official IDs.

But there are two specific issues of concern to DRR. First, she wants all Rotaract clubs to ensure that their bylaws are renewed, updated and being followed religiously. Secondly, clubs must open bank accounts and keep updated accounts of their project activities. “We face procedural hassles like a PAN card for clubs to open bank accounts and other documentation hurdles which come in the way of managing our funds effectively,” says Janani.


Mental health cell

A set of volunteers is being trained by a psychologist to act as mental health counsellors who will be attached to the mental health cell of the district Rotaract. “We will announce a helpline for those in need of guidance on mental well-being to call us and get valuable tips and suggestions from our team. This is my pet project and once the normalcy resumes, after the pandemic, this health programme will be publicised in a big way through a blog and other digital platforms,” says the DRR. The Rotaract’s health helpline will be available for all sections of people across age groups to seek advice from a team of wellness counsellors, she adds.

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