Rotaractors focus on healthcare in Chennai

Rotaractors at the Rota Fit programme.
Rotaractors at the Rota Fit programme.

Rotaract Club of Madras Mount, RID 3232, along with its parent club RC Madras Mount and the District Rotary Community ­Service team, organised a health check-up camp in Chennai. Around 300 people benefitted from the camp. Tamil Nadu health minister Ma Subramanian inaugurated the camp in the presence of MLA and Rtn Ezhillan. Basic parameters such as BP, blood sugar, bone density and haemoglobin tests were done, in addition to diagnosis and treatment for various ailments. Eye check-up was performed by ophthalmologists and spectacles were given to the needy. Medicines and vitamin supplements were also distributed, said club president Ranjith Naresh.

A physically-challenged man with a food packet given to him by the club
A physically-challenged man with a food packet given to him by the club.

The Rotaractors organised a breast-­feeding awareness programme for new mothers with the help of gynaecologists and paediatricians as resource persons who educated them on the right food to be consumed during pregnancy and post-delivery as part of neonatal care. The agenda included talks on jaundice and breast cancer.

On Independence Day the club members gathered at the beach for a ‘Rota Fit’ programme which comprised Zumba and outdoor games aimed at physical fitness. “The sessions not only inspired us to pursue physical activities, but also helped us strengthen our bond,” said the club president.

A medical camp in progress.
A medical camp in progress.

The Rotaractors learnt to work with worksheets through an online session conducted by Deepika Chopra, an auditor.

The club distributes packed food to elderly street dwellers and sanitary workers in various areas of the city regularly.

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