Shelter for strays

On hearing the “pukhar (call) of street animals in winter,” members of RAC Chandigarh Shivalik, RID 3080, “started a B&B to help them find a safe space to rest,” says Sarvgya Rana, the project financial head. “We decided to call it Project Pukhar as a response to their cries.”

While some club members hustled for sponsorships others got creative, “turning drums from a chemical factory into cozy retreats padding them with thermocol sheets, and loads of blankets. We didn’t just randomly leave these shelters anywhere — they were strategically placed in spots where many street animals were spotted,” he adds.

Talking about “room service” he says, “we made sure our furry guests received biscuits daily throughout the winter.” While 10 shelters have already been placed around the city “we plan to add more of these shelters in the city,” he adds.

“We have added a QR code on the drums to provide project information and receive shelter requests. So, next time you hear a street critter’s call, remember to scan the QR code on the drum because there’s a BNB just around the corner for our furry friends,” he smiles.

The Rotaractors have placed small terracotta bowls regularly filling them with grains and water to feed birds, and also visit gaushalas to feed cows.

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