Teaching children new skills

Members of RAC Saveetha School of Management, RID 3232, have been spending a lot of time with schoolchildren, teaching them new skills and important lessons. Recently the club, in association with RC Chennai Mitra, conducted a self-etiquette awareness programme for the students of the Chembarambakkam Government School, Chennai. The session guided children on the essential skills needed to build and enhance self-confidence, to present their best side and make the most of the opportunities that come their way and help them express themselves appropriately. A few of the topics covered included importance of etiquette, grooming, personal hygiene and basic communication skills.

A Rotaractor distributing crayons to the school children.
A Rotaractor distributing crayons to the school children.

The club had previously conducted a drawing competition for the students of this school on the topic of sustainable waste management as part of their Christmas celebration. The students came up with creative artwork showcasing the use of dustbins, importance of plantation drives, and a few drawings to illustrate sustainability. Gifts, crayons and chocolates were distributed to the students.

Rotaractors with the students during a self-etiquette awareness programme.
Rotaractors with the students during a self-etiquette awareness programme.

Under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), the club conducted a good touch, bad touch awareness programme called Nirbaya at the school. The activity-based, interactive programme educated the children to identify the various forms and patterns of sexual abuse and how to correctly and confidently report them to their parents or teachers.


A practical session on martial arts was organised by the club, along with RAC RKM Vivekananda College, Tiruninravur, a suburb near Chennai. The programme imparted basics of self-defence knowledge to the girl students and silambam, a South Indian martial art form. The main aim was to make the girls more confident by empowering them to defend themselves in times of danger.


In partnership with Lakme Academy, Chennai, the club conducted a personal grooming programme for its members. It focused on personality development, presentation skills, power dressing and other etiquette. The beauty experts shared tips on skincare, haircare and makeup improvement.

Under Project Yadhumanaval (she is everything), the club recognised single mothers.

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