Thank you notes make their day

It is amazing to see how the two magic words — ‘Thank you’ — can brighten a person when his work is acknowledged. And the delight is even more ­significant when he least expects it, says DRR ­Udhayakumar Srinivasan, RI District 3231.

Rotaractors cheer sanitation workers with ‘Thank you’ notes.

His district’s ­Rotaractors are acknowledging and ­appreciating services ­rendered by various people in the ­community through ‘Thank you’ notes. “We first began this good act with our ­parents,” he says. Around 200 Rotaractors are still continuing the act, some of them even designing their own personalised cards, and spreading positive cheer among service providers such as drivers, sanitary ­workers, vendors, waiters, cooks, ­traffic police and doctors.

Acknowledging the services of the college bus driver.

Such simple notes make a huge difference not only among the receivers but also the Rotaractors. “By ­giving the appreciation note, we ­realise the service each of these people do for our comfort and well-being. This project is really special to me because it gave me a chance to appreciate my father as well for his service as an ambulance driver for the past 15 years,” observes ­Rotaractor Jayapriya.

A ‘Thank you’ note for a teacher.

Jayashree P, another Rotaract member, says that it was “an awesome experience because I saw many happy smiles and warm hearts. I cannot ever forget the incredulous look on the faces of the garbage collector and fruit vendor when I gave them the card. All sorts of emotions played on their faces.”

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