Update Rotaract club information with RI

When you need to know the status of each Rotaract club in your district, it’s easy to get all of that information in one place.

  • Every Rotarian has access to the list of Rotaract clubs through Rotary Club Central — On the Rotary Club Central homepage, select Reports from the menu on the left.
  • District Rotaract representatives who have been added to Rotary’s database can also get this report. Available on the Club & District Administration page of My Rotary > Select Reports.


Updating data for an active club or reactivating a suspended one

Rotaract club presidents need to update club and member information by June 30 every year. You can report club and member information for active or suspended Rotaract clubs through My Rotary or a participating data integration vendor.

The steps below will not change the status of a terminated club or one that is not in Rotary’s records at all.

Making updates through My Rotary

Rotaract club presidents and advisers and the sponsor club officers who have been reporting to Rotary International can update Rotaract club membership and general club contact information through their My Rotary accounts.

1.    Sign in to My Rotary.
2.    Go to the Member Center tab, find Resources & reference, and then select Club & District Administration.
3.    Under Club Administration, choose Manage my club.
4.    Go to the Rotaract section, where you’ll see links to Add, edit, or remove Rotaract club member, to add, edit, or remove Rotaract club officers, and to Update data.

Here are some tips as you update your club and member information

  • A person must be listed in Rotary’s database as a Rotaract club member before you can designate them as a Rotaract club president. To add the person as a Rotaract club member, select Add, edit, or remove Rotaract club member.
  • Rotaract club members can report their membership to Rotary by creating a My Rotary account. The Rotaract club president, adviser and sponsor club officers can then add the registered Rotaractors to the Rotaract club.

When you update a club’s meeting address, this allows your club’s location to be included in Club Finder.
If you have trouble adding members, email data@rotary.org for help. If you can’t sign in to My Rotary, email rotarysupportcenter@rotary.org or your region’s international office.

Making updates through a club management system

Rotary’s licensed vendors of club management systems can now manage Rotaract club data. These participating vendors can upgrade their systems to add this ability, allowing Rotaract clubs to use a club management system to manage their membership data and enter their presidents. Contact data@rotary.org for assistance.

Certifying unlisted clubs or clubs listed as ‘terminated’

Rotaract clubs that aren’t in Rotary’s database, or that are listed as terminated, need to be certified by Rotary. To get a club certified:

  • Complete the Rotaract Club Certification form (PDF). Note the club’s locally established date so that we can acknowledge its history.
  • Pay the $50 certification fee. Contact your district’s Rotary International financial representative for fee payment options and instructions.
  • Send the completed form to ­rotaract@rotary.org or your region’s international office.

Terminating inactive clubs listed as ‘active’ or ‘suspended’

To terminate an inactive club, contact rotaract@rotary.org or your region’s international office. Mark a copy to the Rotaract club president, Rotaract adviser and sponsor club presidents (if applicable), and district Rotaract leaders.

Changing or removing the sponsorship of a club

Review Rotary’s policy related to Rotaract.

In order to change or remove sponsorship of a Rotaract club, complete and submit the Rotaract Club Change of Sponsorship Form to rotaract@rotary.org or your region’s international office.

Changing a club name or base

To change a community-based club to a university-based club, or to change an university-based club to a community-based club, or to change the name of your Rotaract club, send your request to rotaract@rotary.org or your region’s international office. Make a copy to the Rotaract club president, Rotaract adviser and sponsor club presidents (if applicable), and district Rotaract leaders.

Questions? Contact rotaract@rotary.org or your region’s international office.

Source: Rotary International South Asia Office, New Delhi


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