Where fellowship bonds Rotaractors

Friendship and fellowship create a strong bonding among the 48 Rotaractors at RAC DSMS College, RID 3240, as “we allow all members to speak at our weekly club meetings on Friday. We give them adequate time to air their views, come out with project ideas and at the end of the club meet, they give us feedback on how to improve the functioning of our club,” says club president Sourish Kumar Kundu. Expressing optimism about the growth potential of this four-year-old club sponsored by RC Durgapur Smart City, he says, “there is a short break in Rotaract activities as we are preparing for our semester exams. But we will resume our initiatives and projects in February with the usual vigour.”

A 4km walkathon being taken to create AIDS awareness.
A 4km walkathon being taken to create AIDS awareness.

Fluorescent bands will be tied on the neck of stray dogs and cattle to protect them against speeding vehicles on the highways during the night in a special drive, he says. “We are planning a mega traffic awareness rally cum anti-plastic drive. Rotaractors will distribute jute and cotton bags to those using plastic bags on the occasion. During the rally, the public will be sensitised on the need to follow traffic rules to avoid accidents and road fatalities,” explains Kundu, a third year student of BBA.

In August, through Project Anudaan bags of new and sparingly used clothes were distributed to 40 needy families at Kamalpur village on the outskirts of Durgapur. “We collected around 35 units of blood at a blood donation camp on our college campus in which students, Rotarians and teaching faculty attended to make it a success,” says club’s immediate past president Anubhav Bhakat. To mark World AIDS Day (Dec 1), a 4km walkathon was staged with Rotaractors holding placards and banners to create awareness on the disease among the city residents.

We allow all members to speak at our weekly club meetings and give adequate time for them to air their views, and come out with project ideas.
– Sourish Kumar Kundu, president, RAC DSMS College

Anti-drug programmes

An online programme on drug abuse had over 140 participants including Rotaractors from across RID 3240, college students and Rotarians. “A guest lecture followed by an interactive session made the virtual event a huge hit among the students. With a positive feedback, we are planning to hold a physical event in February-March, but this time a much bigger event with a series of lectures and day-long sessions,” explains Bhakat, a unit manager at a private bank.

Rotaractors distribute new and sparingly used clothes to families in Kamalpur village.
Rotaractors distribute new and sparingly used clothes to families in Kamalpur village.

Having been a Rotaractor for three years, he says, “though I have graduated from the college, I continue to be an active member of this club. Over the years, I have exchanged letterheads with Rotaractors from other districts and neighbouring countries including Sri Lanka and Bangladesh; shared project ideas and best practices with them.”

On the future ahead, Bhakat says, “in the next one year I want to become a member of either RCs Burdwan or Durgapur Smart City, my parent Rotary. But I will be dual member for I want to retain my Rotaract identity as long as possible as this youth body gave great opportunities to learn and shape up my life.” Like his president Kundu, he too enjoys the strong fellowship that this Rotaract club promotes among the members.

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