50 projects in 32 hours

Five-month-old Rotaract Club of Kalimati Jamshedpur, D 3250, had a roaring start with an event symbolically titled Grand 3250 — taking up 50 projects covering all the four avenues of service in 32 hours — with guidance from their parent Rotary Club of Jamshedpur Dalma. What is more, around 10 per cent of these projects constituted internet-based contests involving Rotaractors from Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Italy, the UAE, Bhutan, Nepal and India.

Rotaractors with children from an orphanage.

Feeling jubilant after the success of 3250, Amandeep Singh Jassal, President of the Rotaract club, says a 16-member team had fanned out to a number of places in and around Jamshedpur and handpicked areas such as Ghatsila, a small town, and Musadani, a village, for implementing a host of service projects. “Tree plantation, women literacy, visit to slum areas, classes for the poor were taken up by our Rotaractors with the support of 35 volunteers from the local communities.” The Rotaractors planted over 120 saplings in Musadani village and in another village Moharada, they gave motivational talks to 30 women on issues relating to hygiene and the importance of sending their children to school. They also taught basic functional literacy for children in the locality.

A Rotaractor feeding a physically-challenged person.

Members from Rotaract Club of Mrs KMPM Vocational College too joined the team in their social outreach projects.


A boost to public image

“We donated blankets, clothes, first aid kits and few of our Rotaractors registered themselves for organ donation. All these activities have boosted our image among the people in Jamshedpur.” The Rotaract team visited an old-age home, orphanages and a Cheshire Home for the differently-abled and interacted with inmates; offering them loads of goodies.

The Rotaractors mobilised funds among themselves for the ‘Grand 3250’, their maiden venture on a global scale. “We will organise the event on a much larger scale next year with sponsors and resources from our parent Rotary club,” says Roshan Agarwal, Vice-President of the Rotaract club.

Children exhibiting the paper bags they learnt to make from the Rotaractors.

Online events

It was a global networking in the cyberspace with at least 150 Rotaractors from 18 foreign districts taking part in stimulating contests like online quiz, “heritography”, poster competition, DRR theme photography, online poetry, online letterhead exchange and online greeting exchange. “Over 110 foreign Rotaractors took part in the online quiz. Besides, 400 Rotaractors from the Indian districts took part in the internet-based contests,” says Jassal. Having won laurels in a short time, the Rotaractors are confident they would make a much greater social impact next year. The first edition of the Grand 3250 had “positively touched the lives of over 120 beneficiaries in and around Jamshedpur,” adds Jassal.

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