50 years of Rotaract commemorated on a stamp

In 2016 when Sachin Tendulkar was honoured with a commemorative stamp after his final test match at the Wankhede Stadium, watching him from the audience was DRR Om Chawla, who knew exactly what he wanted to do to celebrate the 50 years of Rotaract. “Commemorative Rotaract stamps have been on my mind ever since and as DRR when I shared this idea with my team members, they readily agreed,” he says. So in association with the postal department, Rotaract D 3141 issued three commemorative stamps to mark Rotaract’s golden jubilee.

From left: RSA Chief Coordinator Rtn Hemang Jangla, DRR Om Chawla, PRID Ashok Mahajan, DGN Harjit Talwar and RSA Avenue Chair Rajindra Unnikrishnan.

The stamps were released by PRID Ashok Mahajan and DGN Harjit Talwar, D 3141, in December last year at the district carnival dubbed RED. Lauding the Rotaractors, Mahajan said, “Rotaractors are propelled by compassion and always do what is needed. The Indian Postal Stamp released to celebrate the golden jubilee year is a barometer to gauge the enthusiasm and sincerity of our youth. Well done, Rotaractors.”

The Rotaract stamps have three unique designs — the District Rotaract logo, the 50 years of Rotaract logo and the district theme ‘Strive to achieve.’ They come in miniature sheets, each with 12 stamps. DRR Om Chawla, who designed the stamps, said, “When we enter Rotaract, we are seeds and blossom into flowers over the years; keeping that in mind I chose the flower design.”

Rtr Kushal Bhuva said: “We are delighted to put more than a digital footprint for  our anniversary on an Indian postal stamp.” Since Rotaract needs more recognition in the region “a stamp was a unique and cool idea. It’s not just a stamp, it’s a Rotaract stamp,” he added.

The stamp series has been given unique postal codes and will be available with the DRR. You can also mail to contact.3141@gmail.com for a collector’s assemblage at a cost of ₹300 per sheet.

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