A project a day to celebrate Rotaract week

To celebrate the World Rotaract Week (Mar 12–18), the Rotaract Club of Sidhpur, D 3054, in partnership with the Rotary Club Sidhpur, launched new projects and concepts on every day of the week.

On the first day, the Rotaractors and Rotarians wished the children who appeared for the SSC and HSC examinations by distributing chocolates and stationery to them. On the second day a blood donation camp was organised with the theme ‘Donate blood, save lives’ and 61 bottles of blood were collected.

The third day was reserved for spreading cheer among the children of an orphanage run by the Mangal Jivan Trust in the town by organising a dinner for them. The fourth day was marked for adult literacy, and there was a visit to the literacy centre run by the Rotaract and Interact clubs of Sidhpur. “Eight illiterate women who had joined this centre can now read and write,” says Dr Jayesh Suthar, former president of RC Sidhpur.

On the fifth day, two events were held; the first being a mock drill, organised in partnership with government officials, on what to do in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake as Gujarat is an earthquake-prone region. The same day, banners depicting the correct method of handwashing, were distributed to all the government primary schools in Sidhpur.

The next day was reserved for birds and under the ‘Save the Birds’ initiative, water pots for birds were distributed to homes and shops. On the final day of the week fruits were distributed to the occupants of the Civil Hospital.

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