#Elevate Rotaract – FAQs

The 2019 Council on Legislation amended the constitutional documents of RI to include Rotaract clubs as a membership type of Rotary International. This action elevates Rotaract and positions Rotary for a future that is innovative, inclusive, and adapting to the world around us. It recognises that Rotarians and Rotaractors make individual contributions and have different membership experiences, but serve side-by-side in a shared desire to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

What does the vote on Rotaract (enactment 19-72) mean?

RI is composed of its member clubs. This Enactment 19-72 broadens the definition of membership to include both Rotary and Rotaract clubs. It elevates Rotaract clubs by acknowledging them in the RI Constitution and
bylaws as a unique membership type within RI. Rotaract clubs will still have their own standard constitution and will remain a separate club membership type from Rotary clubs. But by being recognised in the constitutional documents, Rotaract clubs will enjoy greater support from RI. For the exact text of the enactment, refer to the legislation that was proposed at the 2019 Council. See the version of enactment 19-72 marked “Motion to Amend” at the top. The Council approved this version of the enactment, and all other versions should be disregarded.

How do Rotaractors benefit from this change?

This action shows that RI recognises the unique value Rotaract brings to our organisation. The enactment will give RI more accurate information about Rotaractors so it can improve the support and resources that help Rotaract grow. As partners in service, we will be able to better track our impact and expand our reach.

PRIPs K R Ravindran and Ian Riseley listen to representatives debating a ­proposal at the CoL.

Does this mean Rotaractors automatically become Rotarians?

No. Members of Rotary clubs are Rotarians and members of Rotaract clubs remain Rotaractors. This enactment will not change the separate identity of Rotaractors. It simply expands the membership of Rotary International to include both Rotary and Rotaract clubs.

Will this change the Rotaract experience?

This enactment will not change the club experience that Rotaractors have. Rotaract clubs will still be sponsored by Rotary clubs and should maintain their current relationships with their sponsor Rotary clubs. But Rotaractors will have a much closer relationship with RI now that Rotaract clubs are a recognised membership type of RI rather than a Rotary programme.

Does this mean Rotaract clubs will start paying dues to Rotary International?

Not immediately. According to the current RI Constitution, Rotaract clubs will pay dues as established by the Board. The Board will determine at a future time the amount of dues and when they would be collected. The Board will continue to research the best way to introduce dues. It will consider what amount is fair and what products and services Rotaractors would receive in exchange. Any changes will be implemented gradually.

Are Rotaract clubs still required to be sponsored by a Rotary club?

Yes. Rotaract clubs still need to be sponsored by a Rotary club to be officially recognised by Rotary International. Sponsorship of Rotaract clubs is mandated by the Board and described in Rotary’s Code of Policies.

Will Rotaractors now be able to use Rotary Foundation funds for their projects?

No. Only Rotary clubs may apply for global and district grants from the Foundation. The Trustees determine who is eligible to apply for global grants and would carefully review any proposal made to allow Rotaract clubs access to Foundation funds. The Trustees encourage Rotaract clubs to work with Rotary clubs on global grant projects. Rotaract clubs can also receive funding from district grants through a Rotary club, and Rotaractors can apply for scholarships and Rotary Peace Fellowships through the Foundation.

Can Rotaract clubs now vote at the Councils or at district conferences?

No. This change does not grant Rotaract clubs a vote at Rotary district conferences or separate representation at the Councils. However, Rotaractors will continue to be encouraged to contact their district’s Council representative  to express their opinions on issues that will be voted on.

Representatives vote to close a debate on a proposal at the Council.

Will Rotaract clubs be counted in Rotary’s overall membership numbers?

No. Rotaract clubs will not be counted in the total number of clubs in a district. Rotarians and Rotaractors will still be counted separately.

Will Rotaractors now automatically receive a copy of a Rotary magazine?

No. Rotarians pay for subscription to the official magazine for their region through the membership dues their clubs pay to RI. However, Rotaractors can subscribe to the digital version of The Rotarian.

Do Rotaractors need to do anything differently now?

This enactment is not meant to change the club experience for Rotaractors. Rotaract club leaders can update their club and member information on the Club Administration page of My Rotary so that RI can learn more about their clubs and support them better. Clubs that have reported their information will be the first to know when new products and services become available.


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