Glimpses from the Rotary Hamburg Convention

RI President Barry Rassin and Esther with Bahamian entertainer Julien Believe.
A live music band plays the best of Abba’s unforgettable numbers.
RIPE Mark Maloney and Gay promoting the Honolulu Convention.
A delegate with a baby in a pram at the House of Friendship.
Mitty Chang, Co-chair, RI Rotaract and Interact Committee.
RIPN Holger Knaack (R)
DRR Chris Wells, RID 1070, England, delivers a session on growing Rotary and Rotaract through ‘doogoodery’.
RI President Barry Rassin takes a selfie at the Rotaract Pre-convention.
A section of the audience.
Rotaractors at the Pre-convention event.

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