Get ready for Rotaract membership dues challenge

The future depends on what we do in the present.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Dear friends,

Rotaract has undergone a tremendous transformation over the last few years. During the next Rotary year beginning July 2022, Rotaractors will pay dues to Rotary International thus recording proper membership.

In future, Rotary International will have two kinds of membership ie, Rotarians and Rotaractors. We must prepare ourselves for the future.

The biggest challenge will be the initial resistance to pay membership dues. RI expects a slight dip in the membership of Rotaract because of this challenge.

I urge Rotary’s Rotaract leaders to be prepared for this challenge. We must educate the current and future Rotaractors on the various advantages of being a Rotaractor.

Rotaract to me is an excellent forum for leadership development, improving communication and organisational skills, enlarging the network, understanding internationally and working for the community.

I am positive once we educate the members about the pluses of being a Rotaractor then we will not have any fall in membership. Rotaract membership is growing inspite of the challenges thrown at us by Covid.

Rotaractors have launched a nationwide programme for blood donation called Mahadan during March 7 to 13.

I urge Rotary clubs to participate, conduct, support and organise blood donation camps. I also urge Rotary leaders to charter Rotaract clubs in their districts.

The Rotary International Presidential Conference is to be held in Hyderabad during April 29 to May 1. As chairman of the conference I invite Rotaractors to register as delegates and be a part of the conference. We have a special rate of just ₹5,000 for Rotaractors.

We are also involving Rotaract leaders in the various committees. We will have a separate meeting with the DRRs and Rotaract Advisory Committee chairs before the conference.

Let us prepare for the future by working hard in the present.

Ravi Vadlamani
World Rotaract Co-chair

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