Making children smile

Club members of RAC AK Chanda Law ­College, RID 3240, travelled around ­Silchar, Assam, to distribute ­chocolates and toys to underprivileged children across the city.

Rotaractors distribute toys and games kits at an orphanage.
Rotaractors distribute toys and games kits at an orphanage.

“We wanted to do something for children from poor economic ­background and see then all excited and happy,” says Gourab, the project chair. “The children ate the chocolates and we gave them extra,” he smiles. The toys included cricket bats, teddy bears and dolls.

It was a “delightful moment” for Gourab when one child at an orphanage “walked up to me and asked me if I will bowl for him. We played with the children and it felt good,” he says.


The club also distributed new clothes for these children. The project chair says “a big thanks to my club members for their contribution to the drive. We gave about 3–4 sets of clothes to each child including socks and underwear. We plan to do more this year.”

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