Message from RI Director Kamal Sanghvi

Dear Rotaractors,

We are so proud that in India Rotaractors are passionately involved in becoming agents of change through community service projects.

Ever since its inception Rotary has embraced, accepted and excelled in diversity; be it diversity of nationality or profession. They add a very valuable aspect to this diversity though synergy between youth and leadership, which infuses dynamism into Rotary’s community service efforts. The Rotaractors’ involvement and exposure in such life-changing initiatives also help them personally as they undergo transition into responsible adults, torchbearers and model citizens of the country. Every positive action, every positive step helps build our great nation bit-by-bit.

Every day I come across individual Rotaractors who are not only experts in their fields but also do all they can for a better world. I encourage all of you to think big and beyond your club and grab the opportunity provided by Rotaract to be a change agent and find creative solutions.

I find Rotaractors eager to understand different perspectives and to experience new things. And almost all of them talk about gaining new skills through Rotaract. In addition to leadership, Rotaract offers instructions in life skills that universities don’t teach. Many Rotaractors say they’ve learnt to speak in public thanks to their Rotaract experience; and, like Rotarians, Rotaractors find their membership has led to friendship with people from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences.

Here are the three things you will experience in Rotaract:

  • Through friendships and networking with fellow Rotaractors, you will feel valuable.
  • From participating in service activities, you’ll feel joyful.
  • From being a club leader, you’ll feel competent.

There is a saying that “the longest distance we have to travel is the connection between our head and our heart.” When these emotions (feelings of being valuable, competent, and joyful) resonate with the Rotary belief of ‘service above self’, then you become passionate. When you are passionate, you are powerful enough to move from hesitation to action.

We are but a small flicker of a candle that reflects the genuine, broad-spectrum light that Rotary shines around the world. I challenge each of you and your club to be the light… not just a flicker but a beacon of light. With vision, creative thinking, enthusiasm, risk-taking, continuity and service, your club has the potential to be that beacon. Shine brightly because when you shine brightly, the whole world feels the light of your service.

Remember: “In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”

Kamal Sanghvi
RI Director, Zones 5 and 6

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things.
Mother Teressa

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