Rotaractors celebrate Rotary Day

A sand sculpture of Paul ­Harris on the Elliot’s Beach in Chennai attracted the attention of beach goers. This  art was a creation of the ­Rotaractors of RI District 3232 to celebrate the Rotary Day (Feb 24) and it was inaugurated by DG  Babu Peram.

Sand art at the Elliot’s Beach in Chennai.

A walkathon campaigning for road safety was also part of the celebration. Close to 800 ­Rotaractors from ­different  colleges across the city participated in this rally that started from Olcott Memorial High School in Besant Nagar and culminated at the ­Elliot’s Beach.

Walkathon for road safety.

Rotarians too participated in these endeavours which served to enhance Rotary’s public image and the event got wide media coverage.

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