A ‘Mahadaan’ to commemorate World Rotaract Week

The Rotaractors of the Excel group of institutions sponsored by RC ­Komarapalayam, RID 2982, came in large numbers to donate over 380 units of blood at Mahadaan, a mega camp held each year to mark the World Rotaract Week. Last year, they donated over 470 units of blood.

A blood donation camp in progress.

The college principal and ­faculty too came forward to donate blood and set an ­example to their students. “Over 500  Rotaractors from seven ­Rotaract clubs at this institution have taken up a large number of ­service projects such as tree ­plantation, collecting plastic waste on the campus, organising health awareness ­sessions, ­visiting old-age homes and ­vocational ­centres for the ­disabled and presenting them with gifts and nutritious food,” says Prof G Sampath, Rotaract Coordinator at RC Komarapalayam.

A series of four blood ­donation camps were held by the ­Rotaract clubs at their seven group ­colleges — Excel College of ­Engineering and Technology with the ­support of Salem GH Blood Bank; Naturopathy and Yoga Medical College (Supreme Blood Bank, Erode); and Excel Business School, College of Commerce and Science, College of Architecture, and College of Education (Erode GH Blood Bank); and Excel ­Engineering College (Sivaramji Blood Bank, Salem).

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