Spreading smiles

Rotaractors distribute gloves to the municipal corporation workers in Nagpur.

The happiest people are those who make others happy,” says Krishn Singh, President, RAC Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur, RID 3030. The club has executed 13 projects in two days under the banner ‘Spread Happiness’ to bring cheer among several people in various walks of life.

Singh, along with Club Secretary Preshit Sambhare, devised projects ranging from stationery kit distribution for schoolchildren to blankets for roadside dwellers in the city. “The exercise made us appreciate the comforts that we enjoy and take for granted, and be more empathetic for the less-privileged,” says Sambhare.

The ‘Happiness’ series was inaugurated at the Maharashtra Mandir High School and the ZP School where Rotaractors donated first-aid kits. “We formed teams and spread out across the city so that as a club we can cover as many people as possible,” he says.

Some of them visited the ­Saraswati Primary School to donate stationery kits and conduct drawing competition for children, while some others took to painting the walls and distributing sports material in the ZP school at the Ordinance Factory campus. At midnight they covered street dwellers with blankets and at the break of dawn, they gave gloves for sanitation workers of the municipal corporation.

Playing games and performing music and dance with children at the Happy Street had the place resonating with happy shouts and laughter. A visit to the government school for the differently-abled helped to tap their innate talent as the Rotaractors engaged them in dancing, music and mimicry.

“One of our best moments was an impromptu birthday celebration we organised for a couple of children at a construction site,” says Singh. He and his team organised a birthday cake for the two boys and “that was their first ever birthday celebration. The children were so thrilled and the boys cherished their moments of stardom.”

Rotaractors celebrate a child’s birthday at a construction site.

Animals too were included in this Happiness campaign as the Rotaractors fed biscuits to street dogs and fresh grass for cows. A team distributed freshly-cooked food and distributed it among 100 street dwellers, while another group gave sanitation kits comprising toothbrush, tooth paste, comb, soap and hair oil for the needy.

“Needs are vast and we managed to touch just a miniscule segment of such people. But at the end of the two days each of us had just one thought — that through our club we were able to collectively bring few moments of happiness for the really needy. Happiness results in not what we get rather what we give,” says Singh, and thanks the parent club RC Mihan Town and Dr M P Singh, the College Principal for their support.

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