Workshop on First Aid life-saving skills

A two-day workshop on basic life-saving skills such as first-aid in emergency situations; rescuing victims from electric shock, drowning; offering therapies to epileptic patients; CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to heart patients; and  other critical aids were taught to 60 participants in a programme organised by the Rotaract Club of Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology, RID 2982.

The main purpose of this medical workshop was to create awareness on rendering timely first-aid to people in emergency cases, said Rtr B Veerapandi, Project Chairman. “Saving lives is a mindset. It is knowing what you need to do and responding quickly to the emergency,” he adds.

A first-aid demo being performed on a volunteer.

Simply put, basic life-saving skills refer to a level of medical care which is given to victims of life-threatening diseases or injuries until they can be given a proper treatment at the hospital.

A team of Rotaractors with the help of a professional trainer M Rupesh Kumar organised the event at the Pallotti House in Nagamalai, Pudukkottai. Signature Projects District Chair K Sundharalingam was the chief guest at the valedictory event in which DRR S Manikandan and other Rotarians were present.

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