Addressing menstrual hygiene in Delhi slums

Under Project Sankalp, spearheaded by RACs Sushant University and Young Visionaries, RID 3011, 18,000 sanitary pads were distributed across 11 locations in Delhi and Gurgaon.

A Rotaractor interacts with a woman during the menstrual hygiene awareness programme.

Teaming up with Mission Hop, an NGO based in Delhi, volunteers actively initiated dialogues with women residing in the slums to address social taboos related to menstrual health. “Discussing menstrual hygiene isn’t just about breaking taboos… it’s about promoting health, empowering women, and creating a more inclusive society,” says club president Tanisha Garg.

Beneficiaries, along with the Rotaractors, at the sanitary pad distribution drive.

Young girls who have entered the menstruation phase were taught how to correctly use and dispose of sanitary pads to “ensure effective and safe usage. We also discussed menstrual hygiene practices to help them dispel myths and misconceptions and take charge of their menstrual health.”

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