Empowering communities in MP

Over 550 physically-challenged people experienced the gift of mobility, thanks to the Rotaractors of RID 3040 comprising Madhya Pradesh and eastern Gujarat. A mega prosthetic limb distribution camp was organised in Bhopal, in association with Narayan Seva Sansthan, an NGO based in ­Udaipur. The Rotaractors helped identify 457 individuals from slums, railway stations, bus stands and other marginalised areas and brought them to the camp site. Ten Rotaract clubs of Bhopal, along with the Rotary Club of Bhopal Hills, extended support for the project. Measurements were taken and prosthetic limbs were fitted for the physically-challenged, enabling them to walk with ease. A wheelchair distribution camp organised in Khandwa in MP benefitted 100 individuals. RAC Khandwa and RC Khandwa helped in executing the project.

A painting contest for schoolchildren organised by Rotaract clubs as part of the inter-district Matritva project.

The district Rotaract clubs executed Project MAA (Mental health Awareness Acts) focused on promoting mental health and peace in the community. Awareness campaigns, counselling sessions with experts, ‘Free Hug’ campaigns, art therapies and jamming sessions were conducted across the districts. These programmes aimed to address the stigma surrounding mental health issues and provide support to those in need. The endeavour also got Rotaract good visibility, said DRR Aman Khan. With the involvement of psychologists and mental health experts, this initiative has impacted around 9,500 people across the district, he added.

A Free Hugs campaign at a mall, as part of Project MAA.

Nirogya, a health checkup camp for the holistic wellbeing of Rotaractors, was organised by the district in Indore. Over 270 Rotaractors participated in the camp, benefitting from health tests, nutritional consultations and vital check-up conducted by experienced doctors. The event also served as an opportunity for fellowship and camaraderie among Rotaractors, said District Rotaract secretary Saurabh Nayak.

Sanitary pad distribution as part of Project Matritva.

The district, which has 50 ­Rotaract clubs, celebrated World Rotaract Week (March 13-19) with gusto. ­Several service initiatives across various domains were rolled out which the Rotaract clubs did with dedication and enthusiasm. Seventy-six community enhancement activities such as painting the walls in slum areas and adorning them with Rotary’s various service initiatives including creating polio awareness, cleaning and renovating government schools and anganwadis, and donation of essential items to old age homes and orphanages, were undertaken by the clubs, he said.

At the ninth edition of the international blood donation campaign, Mahadaan, the district collected around 600 units of blood through numerous blood donation camps. Rotaractors, Rotarians and the general public came forward to donate blood.

A blood donation camp as part of the Project Mahadaan.

RID 3040 spearheaded an international event Matritva, collaborating with three other districts — RIDs 3011, 3220 (Sri Lanka) and 3292 (Nepal) — to organise impactful service initiatives focusing on empowering women and children. Humanitarian projects such as distribution of sanitary pads, installing incinerators in schools, promoting menstrual hygiene awareness, organising women’s wellness camps and supporting girls’ education were done by all the clubs in the participating districts. “Clubs also organised clay modelling and self-defence classes, and painting contests in schools,” said Nayak.

DRR Aman Khan (L) at a wheelchair distribution event.

An inter-district youth exchange programme, Safar, hosted by the district helped strengthen bonds among Rotaractors from seven districts. For three days from Feb 9, 100 participants engaged in various activities which culminated with a dinner hosted by DRR Khan, said Nayak. The participating Rotaractors were hosted by the district team and “they got a taste of our culture and traditions. We even involved them in our service activities,” he added.

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