Inspiring your team

Dear Rotaractors,

First July is the beginning of Rotaract and Rotary year. Soon after taking over as the President of the Rotaract club, one of the most difficult transitions for leaders is to shift from doing to leading. As new leaders, you can get away with holding on to service. People around you and your community may even admire your “rolling up your sleeves attitude” to serve the community around. It’s essential to stay involved, but the degree matters. You should maintain engagement levels good enough for you to deliver the necessary support and accountability for all programmes during the year.

As a leader, you can inspire your fellow Rotaractors to care when you can express the reasons why it matters to you, so this essential step sets the table for effective partnering. Otherwise, people draw their own conclusions about what you’re asking them to do and why. The risk of turning your team against you is highest during the first conversation, so make sure you articulate your reasons from day one.  Members get excited about what’s possible, but they commit only when they understand their role in making it happen. Once you’ve defined the role, clarified the scope of their contribution and ensured that it meets their capability, carefully communicate the expectations for complete understanding. This is crucial when you have a precise outcome or plan in mind.

Many Rotary clubs provide great support to community- or institution-based Rotaract clubs and their activities.  I have taken part in many projects of the Rotary clubs and Rotaract clubs, found Rotaractors and Rotarians jointly perform several Rotaract and Rotary programmes and events. Rotarians encourage their efforts, greatly assisting their community and international projects.

I see every Rotaractor as an upcoming young leader and future Rotarian. I wish Rotaract clubs collaborate with their parent Rotary clubs and provide professional development opportunities through activities that suit the present-day world. Technology plays a vital role in our career and lives. It is advisable to plan and organise special professional and vocational forums, business-related technology updates, business and professional ethics conferences to promote the career of the youth. Such activities will attract the attention of the youth to participate in our programmes and promote the growth of Rotaract movement.

Be the Inspiration — and together, we can and we will inspire the world.

C Basker
Director, Rotary International

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