Let’s enhance Rotaract membership

Transformation literally means going beyond your form.
– Wayne Dyer

Rotaract is going through a tremendous transformation. The journey of transformation started in 2016 when dual membership has been offered to Rotaractors. Today, there are several Rotaractors who are enjoying the benefits of dual membership — the best of both worlds of Rotaract and Rotary.

Our world leader Shekhar Mehta desires that Rotaract should grow multifold and by 2022 the reported membership should reach at least 300,000. Rotaractors across the world are geared up to double their membership. Every Rotaractor is enthused to bring another Rotaractor. I request Rotaractors to use their considerable skills to bring in Rotarians so that the face of Rotary will change.

Rotary Service Days is another activity that Rotaractors should take up with gusto. I request every Rotaract club to participate jointly with Rotary clubs in Rotary Service Days. Please plan projects to showcase Rotary and Rotaract and also invite at least 25 outsiders to witness the project. This will boost our image and also strengthen Rotaract.

Empowering girls is the clarion call given by our world leader and I urge every Rotaract club to plan and participate in these programmes. My favourite programme is to sensitise girls on menstrual hygiene and encourage use of reusable sanitary napkins.

Rotaract clubs are taking up tree plantation to preserve planet Earth and adult literacy in a big way.

I am happy to inform that District 3150 has signed an MoU with the Telangana government to support Rotaract clubs in all professional and degree colleges. The government of Telangana is treating Rotaract on par with NCC and NSS — a landmark agreement which will strengthen Rotaract in educational institutions. We are working with other state governments to follow suit.

The SEARIC MDIO led by Rtr/Rtn Koushal Sahu has launched a programme called Show Rotaract Grow Rotaract which is receiving excellent support. I request every Rotaract district to participate in the programme.

Let’s together transform Rotaract.

Ravi Vadlamani
World Rotaract Co-chair

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