A cross-border Rotary Quiz

The winning team — Interact Club of Galaxy School - Wadi, Rajkot.
The winning team — Interact Club of Galaxy School – Wadi, Rajkot.

RC Ahmedabad Greater, RID 3055, recently organised the ­Transnational Quiz on Zoom with an aim to foster international peace and promote collaboration between Rotary and Interact clubs across Asia. ­Thirty-six teams participated in the programme, “representing a diverse array of countries and regions,” said host club president Arup Sinha. There were four teams from ­Nepal-Bhutan, three from ­Bangladesh, seven from Pakistan, four teams representing Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and 18 teams representing India. “This ­international turnout demonstrated the wide-reaching impact of the quiz in bringing together young leaders from different ­backgrounds and fostering cooperation and friendly competition.”

 Interact Club of Fireflies, Pakistan.
Interact Club of Fireflies, Pakistan.

PRIP Shekhar Mehta delivered an inspirational message to the participants. “Even great leaders like ­Abraham Lincoln faced failures before achieving greatness. View failures as opportunities for growth and resilience,” he said.

RID Anirudha Roychowdhury advised the children to take advantage of the privileges offered by Interact clubs. “Have fun and enjoy your time in Interact. Building strong friendships and camaraderie is part of this experience. Understand that even small actions can have a significant impact in your community and the world. Your efforts matter,” he said.

 Team from Interact Club of Valmiki, Nepal.
Team from Interact Club of Valmiki, Nepal.

The keynote speaker for the event was Sparsh Shah, an American rapper who has overcome a rare disorder, Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He motivated the Interactors to embrace their unique talent and contributions. “Stick to your vision, because what you can bring to the table, nobody else can,” he said.

The Interact Club of ­Galaxy School – Wadi in Rajkot, India, won the competition and the ­Interact Clubs of Visakha ­Vidyalaya (­Colombo, Sri Lanka), ­Fireflies (Lahore, ­Pakistan), Valmiki (­Narayangarh, Nepal) and Khalsa (Kolkata, India) were the ­runners-up.  The awards will be couriered to the winners.

Interact Club of Khalsa, Kolkata.
Interact Club of Khalsa, Kolkata.

The quiz was hosted by Aliya T Sayed from RID 3272, Islamabad, Pakistan, and Zeaul Huda Hemal, district secretary, RID 3281. The event was supported by D Raja ­Cotton in Kadi, Gujarat, and Rotarians Sanjay Dalal, Mahendra Patel, Purvish Patel and Punita Mehta from Ahmedabad.

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