Rotaractors focus on women, schools, health

A series of well-focused projects like workshop for women, awareness sessions, grain collection drive and visit to old-age homes create great impact in the community and RAC Delhi Janak, D 3011, has built its brand image over such activities in the neighbourhood.

With the aim to engage women of a slum colony, Basti Vikas ­Kendra, the Rotaractors taught them the art of marking decorative items and souvenirs for Deepavali under the ­Aamdani project. “All the art pieces were sold within the club and the district. This workshop is one of our ongoing projects which has received good ­feedback from the beneficiaries,” says Manvi Thakur, Club President.

In association with the Interact club, the Rotaractors visited DAV ­Pushpanjali to collect grains under the guidance of teachers and Rtr Ekjyot Kaur. They collected 250 kg of rice and pulses in a week from this school. “We collaborate with Feed India to donate grains for the mid-day meal programmes in rural schools. The target is 1,000 kg for 30 days which will be given to a rural school to feed poor students,” she says.

A well-stocked library was installed at Aadarsh Nagar Nigam ­Primary School at Janakpuri to encourage students from backward areas in the habit of reading and taking interest in subjects that are beyond academic pursuit. RC Delhi Janak President Rekha Vaish, local councillor ­Amarjit Singh and Principal Surainder Kaur were present and they also witnessed
a performance by special children from an NGO.

Children at the Basti Vikas Kendra learn the art of making decorative items.


Christmas gala

The Rotaractors visited an old-age home Kanjhawla, along with the Rotarians of their parent club, to celebrate Christmas with the 50 inmates there. They distributed shawls and nutritious food for the elderly and infirm people at the centre.

Earlier, a health camp screened the aged inmates for chronic ailments like diabetes, blood pressure and medicines were given to the needy. A physiotherapist advised the elderly people on the right exercise to stay free from joints pain. They were taught on maintaining proper hygiene by keeping their surroundings clean and adopting handwashing on a regular basis.

A Rotaractor ties Rakhi on the wrist of a fruit vendor.

In a preventive campaign, the Rotaractors took up a malaria and dengue awareness drive at the Connaught Place where flyers and small brochures were distributed to people on symptoms, treatments and some effective home remedies for the diseases.

A breast cancer awareness event was held for women of Basti Vikas Kendra and girls from a local NGO in which a visual presentation detailed the symptoms of the disease, how it is linked with the irregular menstrual cycles and women’s health. “We had an interactive session with them and now the women are conscious of their health and how to take care of themselves,” says Manvi.

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